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Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff
  • Laurafay Muranka

    Laurafay Muranka
    Head of Nursery
    BA(Hons) PGCE EYPS

    Ms Muranka is a qualified and experienced Early Years Professional and Special Education Needs Coordinator who is committed to providing the highest quality of education, care and learning. She has extremely high standards and an ethos of always striving for excellence. These are evident in the commitment of her team of highly motivated staff and the quality of care they provide, and by the outstanding progress made by all the children in the nursery.

  • Michelle Lightfoot

    Michelle Lightfoot
    Deputy Head
    BTEC National Diploma in Early Years

    Miss Lightfoot is the Parent Partnership Leader responsible for building strong partnerships with parents. She is training to become a Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and is particularly passionate about supporting pupils with SEN. As a fully qualified Early Language Lead Practitioner she also takes a lead role in developing high quality language provision.

  • Gemma Blades

    Gemma Blades
    Senior Practitioner
    BTEC National Diploma in Early Years

  • Natalie Turner

    Natalie Turner
    Behaviour Officer
    Level 4 Integrated working with children & their families in EY. Studying for a BA(Hons) degree.

    Miss Turner is the Behaviour Officer in the Honey Bee Room. Committed to inspiring positive behaviour, she has introduced the Achievement Board, the ‘Sofa of Success’ and self-registration. She is enthusiastic, naturally full of energy and always looking for new and exciting opportunities for outdoor exploration.

  • Lois Wood

    Lois Wood
    Early Years Practitioner
    NVC Level 2 in Early Years

    Miss Wood enjoys working with the children in all areas of the nursery, particularly the Messy Room. She always encourages the children to get involved in the various messy activities and to explore the many different textures and senses.

  • Isabella Ricordo

    Isabella Ricordo
    SEAL/PSED Leader
    NVQ Level 3 in Early Learning & Childcare and working towards a Foundation Degree

    Miss Ricordo is the SEAL/PSED Leader for the Honey Bee Room. Children are particularly drawn to her quiet and calm personality and feel secure and motivated to learn. Children love the vibrant and fun ‘honey bee’ songs that she has introduced for Circle Time.

  • Alison Henson

    Alison Henson
    Early Years Practitioner
    BA in Early Childhood Studies & EYPS

    Mrs Henson brings a real energy and enthusiasm to the nursery and particularly excels in leading large groups of children with exciting circle times and upbeat outdoor dancing sessions.

  • Emma Simpson

    Emma Simpson
    SEAL/PSED Leader
    NVQ Level 4 Integrated working with children & their families in Early Years and working towards BA (Hons) degree.

    Miss Simpson is training towards Level 3 NVQ, and is particularly enthusiastic about all physical activity such as swimming, dance and P.E. She forms excellent bonds with the children and is dedicated to ensuring all the children reach their full potential.

  • Amy Cooper

    Amy Cooper
    Early Years Practitioner
    NVQ Level 3 in Early Years, Care & Education & Progression Award in EY Care & Education

    Miss Cooper has a real interest in working with children with special education needs and forms particularly strong bonds with these children. She has an artistic and creative flair which can be seen around the nursery with her recent Disney artwork and with the creation of the ice cream parlor in the role play areas.

  • Claire Rhodes

    Claire Rhodes
    Early Years Practitioner
    BTEC National Diploma in Early Years

    Miss Rhode's calm and patient personality has proved an invaluable asset in helping to settle our new starters. Children often approach Miss Rhodes when they just want some quiet time or a peaceful moment. They also enjoying the new puppets and songs she has introduced in the music area.

  • Samantha O’Grady-Sharples

    Samantha O’Grady-Sharples
    Early Years Practitioner
    BTEC Level 3 in Children's Care, Learning & Development, working towards a Foundation degree

  • Serena Hussain

    Serena Hussain
    Early Years Practitioner
    BTEC Level 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development

    Serena is a very caring member of staff and is always willing to help. Her favourite teaching activities are the role play, especially working in the home corner where she is happy to have a cup of tea with all the children. However it is dancing, mainly Zumba, where Serena is most creative and active and always encourages everyone to join in.

  • Abigail Ball

    Abigail Ball
    Early Years Practitioner
    NVQ Level 2 in Early Years

  • Aimee Cooke

    Aimee Cooke
    Cover Early Years Practitioner
    NVQ Level 3 in Childcare, working towards BA (Hons) degree.

    Miss Cooke is currently studying for a degree in Primary Education at Leeds Trinity. She has a real creative flair: introducing activities which encourage expression and understanding. This is particularly evident in all her outdoor activities and with the Jolly Phonics exploration project.

  • Hope Sheard

    Hope Sheard
    Cover Early Years Practitioner
    Studying for a BA (Hons) degree.

    Miss Sheard has a pleasant and kind nature that helps the children feel at ease with her very quickly. She loves dancing and exercising with the children and always enjoys accompanying them on their many trips.

  • Harjit Kumar

    Harjit Kumar

    Mrs Kumar is a very well organised member of staff with very high standards. She helps serve lunch and snacks and sets up the various daily activities. She also likes to ensure the nursery is kept tidy and clean - a task she is often assisted with by her team of little helpers.

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