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Early Years (2-3yrs)

Early Years (2-3yrs)

The EYFS framework is used to provide a real insight into each child’s development and learning.

At Lady Castle Nursery we work within the Early Years Framework to ensure the best possible outcome for every child’s welfare, learning and development.

At this first stage of learning children are encouraged to explore and be curious through the play based curriculum that covers the three primary areas of learning and development:

• communication and language;
• physical development; and
• personal, social and emotional development.

The main emphasis here is learning through play whilst developing each child’s explorative nature. However, as each child’s progress is carefully monitored, progression to the next stage of learning is determined by ability and not pre-defined simply by age, thus allowing children to develop at their own pace.

Children eagerly join in activities and show great enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards their learning.

OFSTED. Inspection Report. March 2016

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Head of Nursery: Ms L. Muranka BA(Hons) PGCE EYPS
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