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Settling In

Settling In

Whilst we understand that the first day at nursery represents a big step for both parent and child, we are confident our highly experienced team will be able to work closely with each parent to ensure that the whole experience is a happy one, right from the start.

Although we follow a settling in process, we understand that there are no hard and fast rules and that flexibility is the key. We work closely with new parents and children to ensure they both feel welcome, comfortable and involved as soon as possible.

At our first meeting we introduce the Key Person who will be focused on the child’s development and will then be the parents main point of contact.

Our aim is to gain an understanding of each child’s personality, likes and dislikes and develop routines which allow them to quickly settle in and enjoy their time at Lady Castle Nursery.

“Thank you for the support and guidance you have given us throughout Zakariya’s first two years of his school life, you have all been an inspiration to him. Naturally, Zakariya had a very special and unforgettable bond with his key worker, Mr Muranka, and always looked forward to seeing his huge warm smile every morning.  Mr Muranka was a pillar for our son, giving him confidence during his early settling in period – we will always be grateful”.

Parent of Zakariya (aged 4) - August 2015

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