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York Maze
August 3, 2016 all-day
York Maze

Lady Castle Nursery will be taking a trip to York Maze – the largest maze in Britain, made from 1 million maize plants, covering an area larger than ten Wembley football pitches.

All the children will take part in finding their way through the maze, and enjoy a tractor ride to see the cheeky crow who loves eating the maize crops.

The children can participate in the cobstacle course; an obstacle course made from corn cobs. They can race their friends around, under and over the cobs to see who completes it the fastest, enhancing their physical and cognitive skills.

There is a jumping pillow; a huge inflatable trampoline which the children can jump around in, an inflatable slide and bale mountain for the children to climb; developing gross motor skills.

The children can also explore the sand and water site, construction zone and maize field farm where they can meet and feed the animals, further progressing their understanding of the world.

We will be travelling by coach to York; all children are invited to join us on the trip, regardless of their sessions and must arrive at Nursery for 8.00am prompt.

Further details of the day – York Maze – Parent Letter

Details of York Maze can be found here.

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