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  • Pirates across the world

    Pirates across the world

    09 June 2016

    Today the children and staff celebrated ‘International Dough Disco Day’ with a theme of ‘Pirates’ for the day.

    Dough Disco helps strengthen muscles in a child’s hands and fingers in preparation for writing. This was done to a funky beat, which was chosen by the nursery teachers which was really fun and exciting for the children. Every hour a different funky song was played for the children to do their ‘dough disco’ routine.

    All the children and staff came to Nursery dressed as a Pirate and Sinan loved showing everybody his impressive pirate hat.

    Throughout the day there were lots of pirate activities taking place. Hana loved walking the plank and jumping into the sea of crocodiles.

    The event was celebrated all over the world so during the day the nursery joined in with children from other countries through social media. People were taking part in Vietnam, Turkey, Bermuda, Barcelona, Italy, Germany, Chicago, South Africa, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

    More pics in the gallery.

  • Edible Mud! Whatever next?

    Edible Mud! Whatever next?

    12 May 2016

    This week Mrs O’Grady-Sharples and the nursery children have been exploring sticky edible mud and a slide that led to a washing station.

    Some of the children enjoyed making different marks in the sticky mud by moving and stomping the animals around, whilst others liked to drive their cars and make skid marks. Once they were all dirty and mucky the children slid them all down the slide into the washing area.

    The children used the sponges and soapy water to soon get the animals and cars clean and sparkling, then it was back in the mud to get all mucky again.

    Two year old Daniel said “Look its stuck in the mud oh no.” He then slid his car down the slide to wash it, making sure he got the sponge in all the small areas to get all the wheels nice and clean. When he had finished he proudly declared “all clean”.

    Lady Castle Edible Sticky Mud Recipe:
    1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 a cup of cocoa powder and 1/2 – 1 cup of water,
    depending on the consistency you want to achieve.

  • Down on the Farm

    Down on the Farm

    09 May 2016

    On Friday nursery staff and children went on a very exciting trip to Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley.

    As well as meeting the animals, the children were able to see the day to day workings of a modern farmyard and look at the tractors and farm yard machinery. The boys and girls loved seeing all the farm animals – the cows, chickens and pigs and the cutest little piglets. They were even allowed to stroke some of them too.

    There was a lot of walking, climbing, running and sliding on the bales of hay and adventure playground.

    It was such a sunny day so the children enjoyed a picnic lunch outdoors to rest their tired legs. Hawwa, Gwion and Yashika had big smiles on their face all day, all the children had so much fun.

    See more pics of the trip in the gallery.

  • Rescuing Our Superheroes

    Rescuing Our Superheroes

    12 April 2016

    Breaking news! – the powerful superheroes have been captured and tied up.

    Who can save them?  Lady Castle Nursery children can!

    The children had to carefully unthread the superheroes – it was quite tricky and they had to really concentrate.

    But they succeeded and saved the day!

    Now our superheroes are free to continue with their work to save the world!

  • Building a Magical Fairy House

    Building a Magical Fairy House

    31 March 2016

    A special letter was delivered to the Nursery this week……    …from the fairies!
    ‘Please could you build a magical fairy house for us to live in?’, it read.

    The excited nursery children eagerly worked together to search the woodland area for resources such as sticks, stones, grass, leaves and twigs to build their house. ‘I found a BIG stick!’ Hannah announced.

    ‘What marvelous team working’, said Mr Muranka as he watched the children helping each other to find the resources they needed. ‘Here Rithik!’ called Solomon, ‘Rithik, here is a leaf!’.

    After much hard work and creative thinking the children built a fantastic, magical fairy house! “It has a door and a seat and a bed and a toilet!”, explained Eva.

    The children then wrote letters to the fairies to tell them that their house was ready.  ‘Dear Fairies you will cry because you will be SO happy’, wrote Ruairi. Whilst Rithik explained, ‘I built you a house and I did it with sticks and leaves and grass’.

    Miss Muranka was very impressed with their writing skills and enjoyed hearing about the exciting day. She then posted all the letters back to the fairies.

    We wonder if they will reply?!….

  • Musical Shakers

    Musical Shakers

    30 March 2016

    This week the children have been learning to make their own musical instruments.

    They listened carefully to the instructions given by Miss Hussain and made sure to let everyone have a turn, one by one, to make their instruments and share all the materials provided.

    Three year old Zemira carefully held the bottle with one hand, to keep it steady, while she poured the seeds using the other. This was quite a tricky task and she really had to concentrate to make sure she did not spill any of the tiny seeds.  ‘I’m using the brown seeds’, she told Miss Hussain.

    After the children had finished filling their bottles with the seeds or rice, they decorated the outside using the different coloured paints.

    Once completed, the children then shook their bottles and listened to the noise of the seeds and rice rattling around inside.  ‘It’s a MUSICAL SHAKER” shouted a delighted and very proud Zemira. What talented nursery children!


  • Easter Bunny Visitors

    Easter Bunny Visitors

    24 March 2016

    Today the children were delighted to welcome two surprise visitors to join them in the nursery. Two beautiful fluffy Easter bunny rabbits called Liquorice and Nutella!

    Solomon and Emile were very helpful and collected grass for the bunny rabbits whilst on their walk.

    The children were thrilled to hear that the bunny rabbits would be staying at the nursery for a little two-week Easter break while their owners from the local school are on holiday.

    Of course they will be well looked after. The children have promised to care for them, by feeding them, taking them for walks and cleaning out their huts.

    Miss Morgan was especially excited, as bunnies are her favourite animal!

  • Going on an Egg Hunt

    Going on an Egg Hunt

    22 March 2016

    The children have enjoyed listening to their Easter story, ‘We are going on an Egg hunt!’

    They all joined in with Miss Turner, counting eggs, recognising all the animals and making animal sounds!

    With ten eggs to find and count, it was great fun. But they had to be careful of the obstacles along the way – lambs, chicks, bees and ducks – with a wolfish surprise, so they had to take care.

    Afterwards, they took part in their very own egg hunt! Racing outdoors, the children searched for eggs and were delighted as each one was found.

    Carefully placing them into their basket they brought them back to nursery to count. Wow! they had collected all ten eggs, just like in the story!

    More pics in our gallery.

  • The Billy Goats Gruff

    The Billy Goats Gruff

    21 March 2016

    The children have really enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’, read to them by Miss Wood.

    After listening to the story the children used sequencing cards and figures to re-create the story to each other. They carefully thought about how stories are put together with a beginning, middle and end.

    They also talked about the language used in the story and the words about size that were very important to this story, with the small, medium and large billy goats.

    Three years old, Sinan and Ruairi really enjoyed re-enacting the big Troll with his deep, scary voice! While A’isha, Solomon and Mustafa took it in turns to be the Billy Goats asking to cross the bridge.

    More pics in our gallery.

  • Gruffalo Spoons

    Gruffalo Spoons

    11 March 2016

    The children have really enjoyed the outdoor activity using all sorts of materials including; pebbles, moss, pine cones and wood blocks that were displayed in the hexagon tray, along with the Gruffalo story spoons.

    Children could use their imagination and make up their own stories, or act out the actual Gruffalo story using all the props and materials.

    Three year old Solomon made separate little homes for all the characters to hide in.

    ‘It’s a Gruffalo cave’, he exclaimed. ‘He eats scrambled eggs and ice cream, owl ice cream’ he added.

    ‘The snake, oh no! Come and have tea in my house’, said three year old Oliver as he played with the spoons, totally immersed in his own little story.


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