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  • Making our Letters

    Making our Letters

    08 March 2016

    Today Miss Cooper filled a tray with some salt so the children could practise copying their letters. They copied the letters that were displayed on the cards carefully in the salt with their finger. This was so much more fun than just using a pen and paper.

    ‘It’s my name’, said 3 year old Aleesha as she copied the letter ‘a’.

    ‘M is for mouse and O for octopus’, said four year old Rithik, who also carefully copied a ‘C’ for ‘clacking nuts’ and showed the rest of the children what he meant as he pointed to the castanets in the music area.

  • Sunflowers for Mummy

    Sunflowers for Mummy

    28 February 2016

    This week some of the children have enjoyed planting sunflower seeds for their mummies, as gifts for Mothers Day.

    The children carefully listened to and then followed the instructions of how to put the soil into the plant pots and carefully plant the tiny seeds. Miss Rhodes talked about how important it was to water the seeds and so the children made sure that they had plenty of water using the watering can.

    After they had finished planting their sunflower seeds, the children decorated the flower pots with lovely, bright coloured flower stickers.

    What a lovely gift. They could not wait to give their mummies their surprise.

  • Our Teeth

    Our Teeth

    15 February 2016

    This week the children have been learning about their teeth and how to look after them with Mr Muranka and Miss Hartley.

    The children enjoyed talking with the practitioners about how we look after our teeth and also what foods we should not have too much of, to make sure our teeth stay healthy.

    Sinan, Solomon and Rithik enjoyed creating their own teeth using the different materials – the white card, slue and soft white cotton wool to make in the shape of a really big tooth.

  • Lots of Love in the Nursery

    Lots of Love in the Nursery

    14 February 2016

    To celebrate Valentines Day, this week was all about ‘love’. The children enjoyed making Valentine cards for their mummies and daddies and creating special love heart shapes using the silk clay.

    Miss Ricordo showed them how to roll the clay. The children concentrated really hard to follow her instructions, watching how she carefully made the shapes.

    They were delighted when it was their turn to roll the clay and create their own shapes. “I am making daddy!” announced four year old, Emile. The children then proudly showed their amazing creations to the other children and staff.

    During their activities Miss Ricordo encouraged the children to talk about who they loved at home. Four year old Omaima told Miss Ricordo and the other children about how he loved his mummy, daddy and his brother.



  • Making Dragons

    Making Dragons

    09 February 2016

    As it is the start of the Chinese New Year, the children have been learning about the world and the different festivals.

    Miss Morgan has been helping the children make Chinese dragons using paper cups and lots of brightly coloured card and paper. Green triangles were used to make the dragon scales and strips of bright red and yellow paper for its tail.

    The children loved their arts and craft activities and had so much fun sticking the different materials to create their wonderful dragons. Look how wonderful they look!

    More photo’s in the gallery.


  • Going on a Bear Hunt

    Going on a Bear Hunt

    06 February 2016

    On Tuesday 2nd February, some of the nursery children were delighted to receive a wonderful surprise – a trip to see a ‘Bear Hunt’ at St.Georges Hall in Bradford.

    The Reception class from the adjacent school, had a few spare tickets and were happy to offer these to some of our nursery children.

    How kind! The nursery children were so excited to join Reception pupils and travel on the coach to see the interactive show, which was based on one of their favourite books ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. 

    The children giggled with delight and joined in with all the familiar phrases from the well loved story as they heard about the intrepid adventurers on their quest to find a bear; wading through the gigantic swishy swashy grass, the splishy splashy river and the thick oozy, squelchy mud! What a treat!

  • Sensory Fun with Baby Bees

    Sensory Fun with Baby Bees

    02 February 2016

    Fifteen month old, Hawwa,  and two year old Daniel, have have been playing with the aquatic gravel today, enjoying the feel of the grainy, bumpy stones in their hands.

    They were fascinated to watch as they poured the gravel back into the tray or even on the floor, listening to the noise it made as some bounced on the floor.

    Hawwa enjoyed moving the gravel from the tray to the sand and then onto the floor whilst Daniel liked to drop it back into the tray. He poured and shouted ‘look!’ – delighted with his achievement.

    Both children used their right hands to grasp the gravel, with Daniel preferring to pour from one hand to the other. What an interesting day!

  • Development Programmes for Staff

    Development Programmes for Staff

    20 January 2016

    Congratulation to Miss Turner and Miss Simpson who have been awarded a place on the Foundation Degree course: ‘Integrated Working with Children and their Families in the Early Years’ at the St Edmund’s Children’s Centre in Bradford.

    The two-year course is strongly work-based and promotes the effective development of partnerships when working as part of an integrated team. Validated by both the University of Hertfordshire and Pen Green Research Centre it also offers the first steps towards a BA Honours degree.

    ‘We understand that working with children and families is a privileged, challenging and rewarding experience’, said Nursery Manager, Miss Muranka. ‘This course provides a clear understanding of the principles and practice of integrated working to meet the needs of individual children and their families’.

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