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  • Describing Shapes

    Describing Shapes

    06 December 2019

    This week the children have been focusing on their Maths, and thinking about shapes.

    They have been looking at all the different shapes and identifying those that can be found in the nursery.

    Creating shapes in the air with their magic wands was a really popular activity, such a fun way to learn how to draw the different shapes.

    They also enjoyed creating shapes with their bodies and drawing round the ones painted on the nursery floor. Tracing them with all sorts of objects; with building blocks and the large circles with train tracks.

    More maths pics in our gallery

  • Library Visits

    Library Visits

    22 November 2019

    This week the nursery children have been visiting their local public library in Manningham.

    On the way there in the minibus, they talked about which books they would enjoy, and Nayel was particularly looking forward to choosing a book about animals.

    Lady Castle Nursery has its own library card which allowed the children to borrow as many books as they wanted, to bring back to the nursery and read at circle time.

    More library pics.

  • Children In Need

    Children In Need

    15 November 2019

    Today the nursery children have been fundraising for Children in Need with a theme of “People who help us”.

    All the children came to nursery dressed as various people that are there to help them, including; doctors, nurses, fire fighters and the police. Some practised their first aid skills by bandaging their injured dolls and even their friends!

    They enjoyed a whole range of activities throughout the day with Pudsey face-painting and even Pudsey pizza making!

    The children rounded off a fun activity day with lots of dancing to different types of music.

    What a fun day, and all in such a good cause – more Pudsey pics.



  • Pie and Peas

    Pie and Peas

    14 November 2019

    The children and staff really enjoyed their Fireworks extravaganza!

    Parents came for a delicious tea of pie and peas before heading down to the tennis court to watch the fireworks display.  What amazing colours and lots of stars and sparkle!

    The children were not at all put off by the rain because they all agreed, the fireworks looked amazing!

    More firework pics.

  • A Paint Party

    A Paint Party

    12 November 2019

    Today the children all took part in a paint party!

    They have had so much fun, getting very very messy.

    They explored how the different colours changed as they danced to the music. Some of the boys and girls even travelled through the paint on boards with wheels on! But what was really good fun, was rolling around in the paint.

    They could not wait to tell their parents all about their party when they came to collect them.

    More paint fun in the gallery.

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day

    11 November 2019

    This week we have a very busy week planned for the children in the nursery.

    Today, Monday 11th November is Remembrance Day and so all the children and staff watched a programme on CBeebies about why we hold a Remembrance Day.

    The programme showed the little rabbit running through the field of poppies.

    The children and staff then held their two-minute silence for Remembrance Day.

  • Parent Space

    Parent Space

    05 November 2019

    This week Miss Ricordo introduced our new Parent Space, a relaxing quiet room, where new parents could sit and read through all the our nursery information, as part of the settling in process. A suggestion box is provided for parents to note down ideas and their thoughts during the sessions.  Hot drinks and homemade cookies are available to make parents feel part of the Lady Castle family, as parents as partners is key!

    The parents will spend up to an hour in the room, and meet with the child’s buddy (a designated key worker) who will answer any questions.  After around 30 minutes, the buddy will go back to into nursery to see how the child’s is settling and even take pictures of their activities. This feedback helps reassure parents that their child will settle in and enjoy nursery time.

    Towards the end of the session, the buddy will escort the parent back to the nursery room so that they can see for themselves how their child is engaged and interacting within the nursery environment.

    The room is a new initiative for the nursery and staff are very excited to see how it will run through the busy settling in sessions.

  • Halloween Disco

    Halloween Disco

    01 November 2019

    On Thursday 31st October Lady Castle nursery held a Halloween disco for the children to celebrate the spooky festival of Halloween.

    The children came to nursery dressed in their splendid Halloween costumes and enjoyed a day of spooky activities; including face painting, pumpkin carving, Halloween torches and of course the disco.

    All the children and staff enjoyed dressing up and had a frightening good time.

    Halloween pics in the gallery.

  • Spooky Trip

    Spooky Trip

    29 October 2019

    This week the nursery children and staff have enjoyed a very spooky Halloween adventure to Lancaster Farm and Animal Park in Manchester.

    First the children explored the farm and met all the different animals, and even had the chance to feed some of them. Then off to pick their very own pumpkin from the farmers fields to carve into spooky, scary pumpkin lanterns.

    Next it was a visit to the Haunted House. All the children were very brave as they entered to listen to the spooky tale told by a wicked witch.

    The children had such fun, and even the rainy weather could not spoil their day, as they then enjoyed jumping in all the deep puddles.

    More pumpkin pics here.

  • Cornflour Fun

    Cornflour Fun

    21 October 2019

    This week, the nursery children have been exploring different ways to use cornflour to learn about letters and colours.

    First, they talked about the texture of the cornflour – how smooth and even “a little bit sticky” as some of the children described it. They also thought it looked “like milk”.

    The children then used the cornflour to make marks, such as lines and shapes. Haider practised writing the first letter of his name, a big H, using the while cornflour, but he needed to write it fast before it disappeared!

    Children then decided to mix colours into the cornflour. Haider chose to mix red and yellow and found it made orange!

    More cornflour pics in our gallery.

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