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  • Conker Patterns

    Conker Patterns

    11 October 2019

    This week the children decided to use the conkers that they collected from their autumn walk to make colourful paintings.

    Children used autumn colours, such as red and yellow, and covered the conkers in the paint, then carefully placed them on the large tray. Miss Rhodes helped the children to tip the tray so the conkers would then roll around making some very unusual and lovely patterns. Mariam noticed the colours of red and yellow and talked about how the colours had changed to orange.

    The children were proud of the patterns they had made from all the autumn colours, and especially the new colours they had created from mixing them all together.

    More conker painting pics.

  • Nature Investigation

    Nature Investigation

    04 October 2019

    This week the children in the nursery have been exploring their lovely conker tree.

    As the conkers fell from the tree, the children enjoyed collecting them and putting them in their buckets. Look at how many they have collected!

    The teachers told them all about why we have conkers and how they grow. They talked about the different colours of the leaves on the conker tree and how they are changing, from the lovely bright green to brown.

    More conker pics in our gallery.

  • Exploring Textures

    Exploring Textures

    27 September 2019

    In the nursery today, the babies have been learning about textures with sensory play using mashed potato.

    The babies have enjoyed exploring the texture of the mashed potato, how it feels to mash with the spoons, what it feels like in their hands and even how it smells.

    By adding the different food colourings, they could watch as the potato changed colour and then how the different colours mixing together.

    More pics in our gallery

  • Mixing Colours

    Mixing Colours

    20 September 2019

    This week the nursery children have been learning about colours, in a very unusual way!

    First they hung their tights up to dry…..but there was a twist. They had filled them with different coloured paints.

    Then they SQUEEZED the socks and watched the paint drip and drip and create a huge blend of different colours.

    Haniya enjoyed seeing the paint drip and then using her hands to mix the paint colours together.

    The children used this experiment to make handprints EVERYWHERE.

    More messy paint pics in our gallery.

  • Summer Trip

    Summer Trip

    19 August 2019

    This week the nursery children and staff enjoyed a summer trip to the St Ives Estate in Bingley. Getting to the park was fun itself, as they travelled in the minibus and were so excited to look out the window, to see where they were going.

    Once they arrived, the children enjoyed walking around the pond, feeding the ducks, and spotting all the different wildlife that had visited the pond.

    A real favourite was the woodlands and outdoor play area. The children enjoyed swinging on the swings, climbing the wooden towers, tackling the climbing frames and creating music on the natural musical toys. They also found an enormous sand pit with diggers to use, but you had to be very strong to move the digger’s arms.

    It was lovely sunny day, perfect for walking through the woods and finding the various wooden creatures dotted among the trails. Fizza particularly loved looking at the horses as they ate grass and moved around in the paddock. More trip pics in our gallery.

  • Nursery Makeover

    Nursery Makeover

    16 August 2019

    This week the nursery has undergone a revamp of all the different areas, introducing more activities, and making them even more interesting and exciting for the children.

    The children have really enjoyed exploring the areas, taking part in the new activities and playing with the new toys.

    A particular favourite area has been the dance stage, where the nursery staff even took part in a dance off! The new cafe, where Ms Muranka had her breakfast of egg and toast and a strawberry cupcake for only £1, has also been very popular.

    The children have also enjoyed playing in the literacy area, where letter games and activities were led by Miss Wood. In the maths and water area, Umar worked with Miss Allatt to wash the boats and animals – but not before he had measured with the litre volumes how much water he would need.

    The new layout has certainly encouraged more exploration play and the children have been excited to see what is around the next corner. More pics in our gallery.

  • Celebrating Eid

    Celebrating Eid

    09 August 2019

    Today the nursery children and staff have been wearing their very special outfits to celebrate Eid.

    Throughout the day, there has been a variety of activities; creating their own mehndi designs using paint and chalks, Bollywood dancing, and of course enjoying plenty of party games, including musical statues and musical bumps.

    Afterwards, the children watched a special video about Eid – why we celebrate this festival and how do people like to celebrate it.

    To finish their special day the children welcomed family and friends to enjoy the celebrations and share the party food. Eid Mubarak from Lady Castle Nursery!

  • Sunny Days

    Sunny Days

    25 July 2019

    With all this wonderful sunny weather, what a great opportunity for outdoor fun.

    The nursery children and staff have been enjoying cooling down with lots of water play.

    A real favourite has been the amazing slippery water slide.

    More sunny fun pics in our gallery. 

  • Dough Creations

    Dough Creations

    07 July 2019

    This week the nursery children have been making dough.

    First, they talked about all the different ingredients they would need to make the dough: flour, salt, oil, cream of tartar and water. Then they all took turns adding the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and binding them together.

    Three year-old Amelia said “it’s sticky” as she mixed the ingredients together to make the dough. Elisha, who is also three years of age, helped out and even suggested “we need more flour”.

    Once the dough was ready, the children added the sticks, flowers and leaves, of different sizes and colours, that had been collected from the gardens around the nursery. They made many wonderful creations. Hawwa, aged four, told Miss Rhodes she had created a “birthday cake”, using leaves and sticks as candles.

    Some of the children found a little ladybird in amongst all the leaves, what a lovely surprise! They took turns counting the spots on the ladybird. More pics in our gallery.

  • Rugby Drills!

    Rugby Drills!

    30 June 2019

    This week the nursery have welcomed some very exciting visitors to the nursery who have come along to teach them about Rugby.

    The children have enjoyed taking part in the different rugby games and drills: throwing, catching, tackling and even trying to score a try!

    A great way to help develop their coordination and motor skills.

    We definitely have some future rugby stars in the making.

    More pics in our rugby gallery.

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