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  • Puddles and Raindrops!

    Puddles and Raindrops!

    23 November 2018

    The children in the nursery have made the most of the wet weather this week with lots of rainy day activities.

    They have had such fun jumping in puddles, listening to the raindrops on their heads and using the brushes to make bubbles on the floor.

    And the fun did not end when the rain stopped – they made their own wet weather with their own hosepipe!

    More rainy day pics in our gallery.

  • Children In Need

    Children In Need

    16 November 2018

    Today the children and staff have been raising money for Children In Need.

    They have all come to nursery still in their pyjamas! Lots of fun activities including having their faces painted and making Pudsey Bear ears.

    Then they all enjoyed their own disco with the children even choosing their own music.

    At the end of the day, the children sat down for circle time to learn all about the children they would be helping as a result of their fundraising efforts.

    More photos in our gallery.

  • Pie, Peas and Fireworks!

    Pie, Peas and Fireworks!

    09 November 2018

    On Monday 5th November children and staff celebrated bonfire night.

    During the day the children joined in with various bonfire themed activities including making their own fire works with paint.

    Later in the day, parents were invited to join them for a delicious pie and peas supper. Some children also brought along brothers and sisters who had since moved on to primary school to join in the fun.

    After supper it was time for a firework display: fountains of light and sparkle, rockets that made a loud bang and lit up the sky with sizzling shots and explosions. The children were thrilled to see all the beautiful colours and sparkles.

    A special thank you to Ms Muranka and Miss Ball for being our firework controllers and making sure we stayed safe and for providing such a splendid display.

    More photos in our gallery.

  • Trip to York Maze

    Trip to York Maze

    05 November 2018

    On Friday 2nd November, Lady Castle children and staff enjoyed Halloween fun at York Maze.

    First stop, all aboard the ‘Ghostamania’ tractor ride – under the creepy web with all the giant spiders, past the slimy snakes and look out for the scary crow who likes to eat all the corn and chase children – luckily they were all saved by the friendly skeleton.

    Then off to the ‘Haunted House of Cornfusion’ with a whirling bridge, upside down room and even a mirror maze. After a lovely picnic lunch in the barn, it was time to master the maze and tackle the Haunted Maze Treasure Hunt. With several wrong turns, and getting lost quite a few times, everyone eventually managed to find the exit.

    With all that walking it was nice to sit down and watch the spooky ‘phantomime’ about the wicked Baroness who lived in York Castle.

    Finally, they all enjoyed a run around the ‘cobstacle’ course made of corn corns, with lots of jumping and falling on the jumping pillow – a huge inflatable trampoline. Then sliding down the fast bumpy slides and exploring the sand, water and construction site.

    What an exhausting day full of a-maizing memories. More pics in our gallery.

  • Halloween Fun

    Halloween Fun

    31 October 2018

    This week the nursery children and staff have been celebrating Halloween.

    Children and staff dressed up as some very scary characters, with witches, pumpkins and even some spooky spiders.

    The week has been filled with frighteningly fun activities; making gingerbread ghosts and zombies, face painting scary masks and spooky spiders, making chocolate ghostly treats including chocolate skulls and of course carving their very own pumpkins.

    The children have particularly enjoyed a very thrilling game of hide-and-seek in the Lady Castle Haunted House and have had to be very careful in the sand pit with all those bats, spiders and creepy snakes.

    A particular highlight has been the Halloween disco with a game of musical bumps, followed by a super delicious Monster tea.

    What a spookily fantastic week!

    More photos in our gallery.

  • Forest School

    Forest School

    07 December 2017

    This week the children have enjoyed meeting people from ‘Out in the Aire’ and taking part in outside woodland activities.  First the children had to warm up with their own mini assault course before going on a present hunt in the woods to find where Santa had left all his presents.

    Then they made their own Christmas decorations using some very special tools; drills, hammers and even potato peelers. They also used other materials such as cotton wool, chalk, ribbon, string and of course plenty of glue.

    The best part of the day though was eating delicious toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate!

    Thank you Miss O’Grady for organising such a fun outside day.

    Since this exciting activity day, Miss Ricordo has helped them built their own outside den to sit in.

    More pics in the gallery.

  • Storytelling


    17 November 2017

    To support the Children In Need fundraising day, the boys and girls in the nursery, along with all the staff, dressed in characters from their favourite book or film.

    Miss Cooper thought it would be fun to have a storytelling activity and encourage the children to make up a story of their own.

    So the children read lots of stories to start to get ideas and to use their imagination. Miss Cooper helped them along, prompting them with “once upon a time….

    What wonderful stories…. and even some beautiful drawings they would like to go on the front of their storybook.

  • Spaghetti Worms!

    Spaghetti Worms!

    13 November 2017

    This week the children have really enjoyed playing outside with Miss Rhodes and her spaghetti worms in the slimy chocolate mud.

    First, the children had to dig around in the mud to find all the hidden insects and bugs using their spoons and spatulas.

    At first it felt very slimy and very funny on their fingers, but soon they were all really enjoying feeling how squelchy and slippery the spaghetti felt.

    Lots of outdoor messy fun – it was like playing with real slimy, muddy worms!

  • Firework Display

    Firework Display

    06 November 2017

    This week the children were delighted to invite their families to join them for a pie and peas bonfire night tea, with all the nursery staff.

    First everyone had to make sure they were wrapped up nice and warm to go outside.and watch the exciting firework display.

    Lots of bright colours and sparkles as the fireworks lit up the sky and plenty of “ooh’s and aah’s” from everyone as the fireworks shot right up high into the sky! What an exciting evening.

    Then back inside for a nice warm meal of pie and peas.

  • Tasty Spooky Spiders

    Tasty Spooky Spiders

    27 October 2017

    This week, with Halloween near, the children have been very busy in their cooking club making spooky spider pizzas with Mrs Blades.

    After carefully covering their pizza base with tomatoes and cheese the children carefully added the vegetables to turn them into spooky spiders.

    The tomato made the head and carrot sticks made the spooky spider legs.

    Pop them in the oven to cook – they were delicious to eat!!

    More spooky spider pics in our gallery.

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