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  • Spread some Happiness

    Spread some Happiness

    27 January 2017

    In partnership with Shonette Bason-Wood’s ‘Spread the Happiness’ theme, the Nursery held a Chocolate Cake Day today, Friday 27th January – an important day for happiness levels.

    Miss Ricordo agreed to bake the Chocolate Cake and many children enjoyed watching her and even helping out. Of course the best part was getting to eat it!

    There were so many very messy, happy faces after eating Miss Ricordo’s delicious Chocolate Cake, and the magic must have been working because many staff and children had very smiley faces for the rest of the day!

  • Welcoming New Children

    Welcoming New Children

    25 January 2017

    This month we have welcomed many new children to the nursery and are particularly pleased to see how quickly they have settled.

    Prior to starting nursery, the staff visited all the new children to get to know each one personally in the comfort of their own home. The visits also enabled staff to meet all members of the family and get a better understanding of each child’s community and home life. Children even had the chance to play with some of the nursery toys before they come to nursery for their short play session.

    Certainly we find these visits help children settle more easily into nursery life, and create an early bond with families and the key person and buddy staff.  On their first session, children are more comfortable in their new surroundings – many recognise their key person and buddy and often we hear “You came to my house”.

    As with all the staff, the nursery children have been happy to welcome the new intake and everyone has enjoyed exploring the nursery, and in particular the new smart touch screen TV. This includes a new painting program that allows the children to all draw simultaneously and is proving to be very popular.

    It has been a pleasure to welcome back our nursery children and we look forward to building friendships with all the new ones.

    Ms Muranka. Head of Lady Castle Nursery

  • A Festive Message

    A Festive Message

    24 December 2016

    As we come to the end of 2016, we look back on a very exciting year.

    Starting with significant praise for our nursery – an Ofsted report that recognised how we are ‘committed to providing a high-quality service for families’, then awarded ‘Employer of the Year’ for our apprenticeship scheme, gaining the accreditation for paediatric first aid care with the Millie’s Mark and of course our Duckling Awards for our budding swimmers.

    Whilst we have welcomed new members of staff, we have seen the further development of those firmly established – two members of staff being accepted on to a new foundation degree and a further two completing their first year of the degree.

    We have enjoyed a calendar of exciting trips including; the York Maze, Scarborough, Farmer Copley’s Pumpkin Farm and the Sundown Adventure Land, and we have celebrated many festivals and events; from Chinese New Year, Easter, Eid, Halloween, Diwali, Bonfire Night, and finally our Christmas celebrations with Santa.

    We are very excited about what can be achieved in 2017!

    Have an enjoyable break and we look forward to hearing all your exciting news in January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Ms Muranka and all the members of Lady Castle staff

  • Seasonal Celebrations

    Seasonal Celebrations

    16 December 2016

    On Wednesday 14th December, the nursery children and staff enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch, with Christmas crackers, and lots of festive songs to sing along to. Then it was time to dance to all their favourite party songs.

    Then on Friday a very special visitor came to the Nursery.

    All the children were sat on the carpet listening to a story when….  what was that jingle outside? When the teacher opened the blinds there was Santa, going into his grotto!

    All the children were delighted to spend time with Santa, to tell him what they wanted for Christmas and also talk about what they would be doing over the festive holidays.

    Santa brought a gift for all the children and even a special gift for all the teachers too!  Hajra dressed up like Santa, Mariam gave Santa a big hug and Zahra ……. well she is still deciding if Santa is nice or not!!

  • Magic Maths Magic

    Magic Maths Magic

    08 December 2016

    This week the busy bees have been looking at the shape of numbers and learning how to form their individual shapes.

    Miss Ricordo showed Inaaya and Misbah, how to make the shape of each of the numbers in the air, using a stick. This was really good fun, especially as they made the movements to the beat of some of their favorite songs.

    Then Miss Ricordo gave them each a bowl of bright white paint to dip their stick into, like a paintbrush, and form the number shapes on the ground.

    They enjoyed this activity and were soon confidently forming all their numbers.



  • The Fairies are coming….

    The Fairies are coming….

    02 December 2016

    This week the children have been very busy creating various Christmas decorations, ready for the fairies that are coming over the weekend to transform the nursery.

    The children took turns to add their bright green hand prints to make a beautiful Christmas Tree. They loved the feel of the green squishy, slimey paint on their hands and counted as their fingers made a pattern.

    Once the tree was formed it was time to add the decorations, with brightly coloured paint. They carefully painted on lots of decorations using their finger tips.

    Some of the children then used their new skills to make a very festive holly wreath, counting, one, two, three….  how many hand prints they had used.

    The fairies are going to be absolutely delighted when they see what the children have made! See more photos in our gallery.

  • Road Safety Week

    Road Safety Week

    25 November 2016

    This week the nursery children have been taking part in a Road Safety Week.

    Learning about how to be safe on the roads and in cars – how traffic lights work, how you should hold hands crossing the road and all about the importance of wearing our seat belts.

    There has been so many fun car activities:  active circle times where we have been running and walking, painting our hands and hand-printing and even making delicious traffic light biscuits.


    The children have been coming to nursery in bright colours, like the traffic lights, so that the cars can easily see them walking to nursery. Each child has generously donated £1 which will be donated to Brake – the road safety charity.

    Even the babies got involved in road safety week! Creating a traffic light out of their hand-prints!


  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    25 November 2016

    This week the nursery boys and girls have been listening to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

    The children looked at all the different sized bowls and spoons. They chose a big bowl and spoon for daddy bear, small ones for mummy bear and really tiny ones for baby bear.

    Misbah, Ameera, and their friends had fun feeding the bears. There was lots of talk about how full their bowls were with porridge and they all practised counting up to three. The younger children were fascinated at how you can use the spoons to fill up and then empty the bowls.

    Mrs Henson sang a song about the three bears and showed the children the signs to do whilst singing.


  • Fantastic Fireworks

    Fantastic Fireworks

    06 November 2016

    This week the nursery children have enjoyed creating their own firework paintings in preparation for bonfire night.

    To make the fireworks they used cut up toilet roll, which made a firework effect, and then dipped them in paint. The black paper was used for the night sky and adding glitter gave an extra sparkle. The children talked about all the different firework colours and the noises they made, as they painted their fireworks. A’isha said “fireworks are loud, they go bang”.

    On the day of the bonfire, the children were delighted to welcome their parents to join them for a delicious pie and peas tea,  and then the exciting firework display.

    Deen said he had so much fun spending time with his mummy watching the fireworks.

    See more pictures in the gallery.

  • Celebrating Diwali

    Celebrating Diwali

    03 November 2016

    To celebrate the festival of light – Diwali, the children brought in their torches and battery candles.

    They listened to the story of Diwali, and looked at the pictures of all the characters in the story.

    After story time the children joined in the outside activities. They particularly enjoyed breaking the water balloons that were full of different coloured paint which made such brightly coloured patterns on the floor. The children excitedly shouted the colours as they popped out of the balloons.

    The day was complete with a Diwali party tea!

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