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  • Millie’s Madness Day

    Millie’s Madness Day

    19 October 2016

    Yesterday the boys and girls took part in a Millie’s Madness Day.

    This was a charity day full of crazy activities such as; walking in beans, soaking the teachers, making custard pies and finding the chocolate buttons in the flour mountain.

    The day concluded with a Mad Hatter’s tea party.

    All the money raised is being donated to a very worthwhile charity – Millie’s Trust .

    Lady Castle Nursery are applying for Millie’s Mark which is an achievement awarded only to nurseries who have 100% of their staff paediatric first aid trained.

    “Millie’s Mark will soon be well-known to parents all over the country as a clear indicator of the highest standards in keeping children safe from harm.”

  • Writing our name

    Writing our name

    14 October 2016

    This week four year old A’isha has enjoyed practicing her letters with the other Busy Bee boys and girls.

    Using all sorts of materials to make the letters – even making the letters in sand and salt with their fingers.

    She watched Miss Ricordo carefully shape the letters and was delighted to show how she can now write her name on the outdoor paining easel in lovely big yellow letters.

    Well done A’isha we can see you are super proud!!!

  • Our Listening Ears

    Our Listening Ears

    03 October 2016

    The children have really enjoyed taking part in their literacy and language activity.

    At the beginning of the day the children listened to the story of ‘Mr Brown can Moo, can you?’ . It was so much fun to join in with the sounds of the animals.

    The children all made listening ears, to help them remember to listen carefully to the sounds. They loved to join in with the ‘sounds game’ – here the children had to first identify which instrument was being played then join the musical treasure hunt to find the instrument. Those listening ears certainly came in handy!

    A listening walk around the grounds then identified trees rustling, birds singing and rain drops dripping. A’isha remembered that some of the sounds were like those in the book and suggested they collect some of the conkers that they had heard falling from the trees. They proved very useful to make number shapes.

  • Welcoming our new children

    Welcoming our new children

    30 September 2016

    It was a pleasure to welcome all the new children who joined the nursery throughout the month of September.

    This year we have extended our settling process to include an initial home visit. This has enabled new children and parents to meet their key worker and get to know them in the comfort of their own homes.

    Parents can take the opportunity to ask questions whilst the nursery staff have found it useful to find out about the new starters, including any particular preferences, to help them settle in their first days. It also offers a lovely chance to say hello to the boys and girls joining our nursery.

    Laurafay Muranka, Head of the Nursery said “It is always exciting to welcome new children. Seeing them come through the door in their new uniform for the first time is a lovely moment, and the staff thoroughly enjoy integrating them into the routine of nursery life.

    “These home visits have been hugely successful in supporting parents through the transition from home to nursery and ensuring the children have a shorter settling in time.

    “Lady Castle Nursery has wonderful plans for the next few months. We are so excited to begin the learning journey of every child through education and care.”


  • In the Black Mud

    In the Black Mud

    20 September 2016

    The messy area of the nursery was particularly messy today as we have been exploring the different textures and materials.

    Eighteen-month-old Zahra, loved sitting in the sunshine squishing and squashing the black soil in her hands.

    Using the utensils to scoop it from the small bowl and feeling it’s texture as it ran through her hands.

    After watching Miss Turner mix the black soil with the soft white shaving foam, Zahra joined Gwion to make the sticky, mushy mixture with an unusual smell.

    Gwion really enjoyed using his hands to mix the messy black mud.

  • Celebrations and Fun

    Celebrations and Fun

    16 September 2016

    This week the nursery children and staff have enjoyed celebrating Eid.

    Throughout the week the boys and girls have loved taking part in the various Eid activities, including making their very own Eid cards for family and friends.

    On Thursday everyone wore their party clothes for a special Eid party with some children particularly excited to wear their traditional celebration clothes.

    Party games and music to dance to – what a lot of fun. We certainly enjoyed dancing with Miss Morgan.

    Afterwards the children and staff enjoyed the delicious Eid party food that had been brought in by parents.

  • Library Visits

    Library Visits

    24 August 2016

    Over the summer months, the children have been visiting the main library in the centre of Bradford.

    The children have really enjoyed their weekly trips, especially the journey getting there – waiting for their turn to go on the public bus, watching the supermarkets and houses go past through the bus window.

    Once in Bradford, the children enjoyed a stop at the mirror pool for a snack and a drink, before heading into the library for a quiet read. There are lots of seating areas to sit in and choose books.

    After all the children have chosen their books, it is time to scan them out at the machine, Hashim loved hearing the beep when his book was ready to take home.

    On the bus journey home Zemira met a new friend who was visiting her grandma in hospital.  Such a lovely morning, but carrying the books down the hill back to nursery is quite difficult – better to make the nursery teachers do it!

  • Let’s go camping!

    Let’s go camping!

    23 July 2016

    Today the children enjoyed a very special ‘Bookstart’ camping day.

    It started with a secret mystical maze made by Miss Hartley that followed the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. She was very impressed with the way that the children squelched barefoot through mood, and climbed their way through the snowstorm.  The bear came at the end and all the children ran back through the maze, collecting special book tokens and counting bears as they went.

    The children enjoyed toasting marshmallows, cooking beans and sausages (and eating them of course!), sleeping in tents, and playing in dens.  It was a really warm day, and the children loved having a picnic outdoors and listening to stories around the campfire.

    The nursery spent the whole day on the fields and enjoyed burgers for tea!

    A special thank you to all our wonderful parents for their donations of tents and blankets.

    See more camping pics in our gallery.

  • A day trip to Scarborough

    A day trip to Scarborough

    23 July 2016

    This week Lady Castle Nursery children and staff enjoyed a glorious day on Scarborough beach.

    On arrival we made our way to the beach where the tide was very far out.  Luckily the sun was out and warm enough that we could wear our swimming costumes.

    After a paddle in the sea, building sandcastles and seeing lots of starfish, which Mrs O’Grady-Sharples made sure all went back in the sea, it was time for lunch.

    Fish and chips on the beach front, delicious! – but those cheeky seagulls tried to take Spencer’s chips.

    Following lunch, it was back on the coach to visit the Sealife Sanctuary, where we came face to fin with sharks, Humbolt penguins, seals, otters and turtles, and our friend Daniel joined us to see all the seahorses and jellyfish.

    After a very busy day, it was a scenic drive back to Bradford (due to an accident on the motorway).

    For more pics, visit the gallery.

  • A Big Toddle Day

    A Big Toddle Day

    24 June 2016

    Nursery children have been taking part in the national Big Toddle today, to help raise money for the Barnardos charity .

    All the children and staff came to nursery dressed as their favourite animal for a big toddle around the woodland area.

    Starting at one of the big oak trees, penguins, ladybirds, tigers and pandas joined in the ‘toddle’ with stops along the way to practise their animal sounds.

    We had a roar from a lion, a quack from a duck and a meow from a little kitten. But the biggest roar came from a dinosaur!

    What a fun day and looks like the animals have raised nearly one hundred pounds. Well done everybody.

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